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Each Daisy Makes Craft Kit delivers a gorgeous unique DIY project to your door every month containing all of the materials needed to create your custom home decor.

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    What To Expect:

    • Every curated box contains ALL the crafty materials you need to DIY your project, detailed step by step instructions, video instructions, and a sweet treat.
    • A completed FREEBIE that always match's the monthly kit!
    • Perfect for alone time, girls night, or date night!
    • LIVE crafting in an exclusive, private group JUST FOR YOU!
    • Video library - access to all past videos and VAULT for you to get past wood cutouts.
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    Here's what people are saying!

    “I received my first kit this month! I am a HUGE fan!!! I love that EVERYTHING is in the kit!!! I love the great ideas and the share of techniques. The craft time together is so fun, too. A virtual ‘Girls Night”! So much fun. Thank you!”Sandy J

    This was my first time joining. First I loved the design, I could not pass up the cuteness of it. Easy to order. The kit comes packaged with everything you need to complete the craft minus the hot glue gun. The flexibility of doing the crafting that day or when you have time is very convenient. The instructions to follow live are very simple and easy to follow. There will definitely be more kits purchased! A Big fan of these kits!” – Shannon L.

    Love the Daisy Makes kits! Beth teaches great techniques and the kits are fun to create. Anyone can do it! La Gourley

    I love the Daisy Makes Craft Group. It is so inspiring and motivating. I have gone far beyond my craftiness being in this group. Beth is so sweet and approachable. She has answered all my questions and provided feedback.Karan M.

    I have only been here for two months but I am really enjoying the kits. Beth teaches us different techniques for each kit so we can put our own spin on them if we want. She is very good at what age does can’t wait to get the next one.Celeste C.

    I love the daisy makes kits!! Everything you need to create wonderful projects! She cuts and sands and we get to have fun creating!Inez S.


    Welcome to The Ruffled Daisy!

    I’m Beth, the passionate heartbeat behind The Ruffled Daisy. My life's tapestry has been painted with various shades, both bright and dark, and it's through these shades that I found the magic of creativity. It became my sanctuary, my coping mechanism, and soon enough, my north star.

    The inception of The Ruffled Daisy wasn't just a business idea. It was an epiphany. I realized that DIY wasn't solely about crafting a beautiful home ornament or a piece of art. It's about crafting oneself, embracing the imperfections, and celebrating our unique stories. It’s about harnessing that same creativity to heal our hearts, nurture our spirits, and build dreams, both personal and professional.

    Our mission? Empower, Enlighten, and Embrace. To create a haven for every woman out there, where she feels seen, heard, and cherished. The Ruffled Daisy stands firm in its commitment to ensuring no woman ever feels left behind in her creative journey. It’s a place where heart meets art, where dreams meet reality, and where every woman realizes her potential to design, not just her living room, but her life.

    What makes us stand out in the crowd? Each product at The Ruffled Daisy is a labor of love. Every item is handcrafted, infused with passion, care, and the spirit of authenticity. It's not just about the product; it's about the experience, the journey, and the story it brings to your life.

    So, let's take this journey together, my friend. Let's mold, paint, design, and, most importantly, grow together. Remember, each one of us is a masterpiece, a beautiful work in progress. And through The Ruffled Daisy, I hope we can craft our stories side by side.